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Taisyklės – LBGP Lithuania Ballet Grand Prix
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Data: 13 and 14 JUNE 2020

Place: Dance Theater ,,Šokio teatras”, T. Kosčiuškos street 11, Vilnius

Stage: Profesional stage 17×13 meters

Registration  is open from 2019. November 1 day until May 1st (registration will be stopped once the total number of participants has been collected).

Mandatory variations of the competition dance will be announced on January 15, 2020. on the competition website www.lithuaniaballetgrandprix.eu/variacijos/

(The 2020 Compulsory Variation Copyright is owned by LBGP and is protected by the Lithuanian State. 2019 Season Compulsory Variation for Public Non-LBGP until June 13, 2020 is prohibited. 2019 Compulsory Variation performance after the contest is allowed only with the consent of the LBGP organizers).

Ballet (classic dance). Dances that use only movements, music, costumes based on classical ballet vocabulary.

Contemporary dance. Dancing is based on various techniques of modern, jazz and other dance styles and their combinations.

  • Solo (1 person)
  • two and more persons

Baletas SOLO:

  • Group 1  born in 2014  NON-COMPETITIVE group, B category only (all will be awarded)
  • Group 2 born in 2013 Tik B kategorija (atlikti tik privalomą variaciją)
  • Group 3  born in 2012
  • Group 4  born in 2011
  • Group 5  born in 2010
  • Group 6  born in 2009
  • Group 7  born in 2008
  • Group 8  born in 2007
  • Group 9  born in 2006
  • Group 10  born in 2005
  • Group 11  born in 2004 – 2003

Ballet GROUP dances:

  • 1st group born in 2013 – 2010
  • 2nd group born in 2009 – 2006
  • 3 group born in 2005 – 2002

Contemporary dance (SOLO, GROUP DANCE):

  • Group 1  Born in 2013-2011
  • Group 2 Born in 2010 – 2008  
  • Group 3  Born in 2007 – 2005
  • Group 4 all born until 2004

Baletas SOLO:

Category A- profesionalai (3 – 11  amžiaus grupė)

Category B – mėgėjai (1 – 11 amžiaus grupė)

FOR BOYS. In Ballet Solo A and B, boys can participate only with free variation (there will be only one stage). They will be judged separately from the girls on the basis of their age group.

    Ballet GROUP dances

     One category.

    Contemporary dance

One category.

    Contemporary dance GROUP dances

     One category.

* The category is chosen freely, taking into account the talents and achievements of the child, after consulting with the artistic directors and teachers of the school.

Ballet SOLO

Category A

All the dancers of Category A perform two variations:

  1. Compulsory variation. → video list
  2. Free classical variation.

2 – 4 age groups – free variation can not be chosen from classical repertoire. Same variation can be performed by 5 participants.

5 – 7 age groups – free variation or simplified classical variation.

8 – 11 age groups – classical variation from repertoire with point shoes. Classical variation is freely chosen. List of recommended variations is in XV part of the rules.

* Customized(Modified) variation. It is a classical repertory variation whose movements are facilitated / adapted to the dancer's capabilities.

The compulsory variation will be performed on June 13th, free/classic variation will be performed on June 14th. Points are summed up, awards are announced.

Category B

  • Only compulsory variation is performed. → video list

!!!  For CATEGORY B movements of the compulsory variation can be facilitated without changing the structure of the variation (for example: developpe a le second can be changed to retire passe and etc.).

Category B 8 – 11 age groups participants can freely choose to perform compulsory variation with or without point shoes.

The competition for Category B will start and finish at the same day.  

Ballet GROUPS:

  • Dancers of all groups perform classical dance.


  • Contemporary dance soloists perform free dance or choose one of given choreographies. The list is HERE .


  • All the participants perform their group dance

*The organizers of the competition have the right to change the schedule of the competition. The exact schedule will be announced on June 8th.

The ranking of the participants will be determined by a computer at random during the competition. 

The participant of the contest is registered by the organizers upon receipt of the registration documents and the participant‘s fee (see Part X).

  • Music must be sent until May 15., music.lbgp@gmail.com
  • In the letter, specify when to play music BEFORE going on the stage, or AFTER the dancer comes on the stage.. Enter Name Last name and dance name.
  • Music must be of good quality, in mp3, wav, m4a, Flac formats.
  • You also need to have music on a CD-R or in USB storage device during the competition. There should be one piece on one medium.

  • Ballet soloists in groups 2 to 4 free variation must be up to 1.30 min., 5-10 grupėms klasikinės repertuarinės variacijos trukmė neribojama.
  • Contemporary dance soloists free variation must be up to  2.30 min.
  • Duration of group dances till 3.30 min.
Baleto SOLO kategorija:

Category A

  • Mandatory variation is performed with ballet lesson clothes. For girls - a pastel-colored ballet lesson siut without sleeves, a short skirt without decorations (glitter, beads, etc.) is possible. For 2 - 7 groups - soft ballet shoes, for 8 - 10 groups - points. Allowed gentle, minimal makeup. Bright makeup will be negatively rated.
  • The free variation is performed with a stage costume. For 2 - 6 groups - soft ballet shoes, for 7 - 10 groups - points.

Category B 

  • A compulsory variation is performed with a ballet lesson clothes. For girls ballet lesson suit without sleeves, short skirt is possible, possible minimal decorations, glitter, beads and more.        For groups 1 - 7 - soft ballet shoes, for groups 8 - 10 you can choose soft ballet shoes or points. Allowed gentle, minimal makeup. Bright makeup will be negatively rated.
Ballet GROUP
  • Performed with a stage costume. For group 1 – soft ballet shoes, 2 to 3 groups can choose soft ballet shoes or points.
Contemporary dance SOLO
  • Performed with stage costume, footwear is chosen.
Contemporary dance GROUP
  • Performed with stage costume, footwear is chosen.

The jury of the contest will consist of known Lithuanian and European ballet artists and educators.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Artistry, courage and individuality 1 - 20.
  2. Mastery of technology, control and coordination 1 - 20.
  3. Physical fitness for ballet 1 - 20 (only for ballet solo in category A, compulsory variations).

In each age group, the strongest soloists are awarded:

Gold Medal.

Silver medal.

Bronze Medal.

The strongest groups are awarded the contest cup.

All participants will be awarded the medals of the contest.

The strongest participants in the contest are awarded prizes set by the sponsors.

GRAND PRIX cash prize - 300 eur

Registration can be suspended on a predetermined date when the total number of participants in the contest is completed. The number of places is limited, preference is given to those who submitted the application earlier.

Registrations are open from 1/11/2019. until 01/05/2018

For registration you need to fill in the registration form and attach the following documents:

  • A copy of the tax order (for details on the transfer, see Part XI)
  • Amžių nurodančio dokumento kopiją (ID or Passport).

You can attach these documents by filling in the online registration form (http://lithuaniaballetgrandprix.eu/en/registracija) or by sending an email. info.lbgp@gmail.com. 

The participant will be informed about his status in the competition by mail. Organizers have the right to accept only the number of participants that fit into the scheduled time of the competition stage.

Participant Contest Support Fee:

Ballet solo category A - 80 €

Ballet solo category B, non-competitive category - 60 €

Ballet GROUP dance - 30 € from each participant.

Contemporary dance SOLO - 60 €

Contemporary dance GROUPS - 30 €  per participant.

* The fee will not be refunded if the fee is paid but it is not possible to participate in the competition.

For Teachers:

After sending the Name of the accompanying teacher to info.lbgp@gmail.com teacher can wach competition for free.info.lbgp@gmail.com Accreditations will be issued.

For viewers:

Viewers will be able to buy tickets locally, one day ticket € 10, a two-day ticket is € 15. Admission for children under 6 year old is free (please have a child proof of age).

For sponsors:

Invitations will be distributed to sponsors. You can become a sponsor by purchasing the red "Sponsor" bracelets, a fee 50 euro You will be given a central place in the audience hall.

Payment Information Required:

 Name of the receiver: VŠĮ "Baleto menas"

 Receiver's code: 304446316

Receiver's account SWEDBANK: LT757300010152609291


BANK code: 73000

Purpose of payment: name, last name of the child "contest support fee".

No photography or video recording is allowed. There will be professional photo and video material available for purchase. More Information http://lithuaniaballetgrandprix.eu/lt/medija/

Applaud is only possible after the music ends, when the performer bends over. Support shouts are prohibited, judged to the detriment of the performer. Give flowers to the performer during the contest on the stage and near it is not allowed.  the performer is prohibited on stage and during the competition.

We will answer your questions via email. by mail: info.lbgp@gmail.com

Telephone information: +37068895270 (Lithuanian, Russian)

                                     +37067601724 (Lithuanian, English)

Website: www.lithuaniaballetgrandprix.eu

1. Don Quixote (Minkus/Petipa) – all variations;
2. Le Corsaire (Adam, Drigo/Petipa) – all variations;
3. Diana and Acteon (Pugni/Vaganova) – Diana variation;
4. Flower Festival at Genzano(Helsted/Bournonville) – all variations;
5. Grand Pas Classique(Aubert/Gsovsky) – variation;
6. La Bayadere(Minkus/Petipa) – all variations;
7. Coppelia(Delibes/St. Leon) – all variations;
8. La Esmeralda(Pugni/Petipa) – Esmeralda variation from pas de deux;
9. La Fille Mal Gardee(Hertel/Nijinska, Romanof) – Liza variation;
10. Paquita(Minkus/Petipa) – all variations;
11. The Awakening of Flora(Drigo/Petipa) – all four variations;
12. Raimonda(Glazunov/Petipa) – all variations;
13. The Flames of Paris(Asafiev/Vainonen) – female variation from pas de deux;
14. The Sleeping Beauty(Tchaikovsky/Petipa) – all variations;
15. The Talisman(Schnietzhoeffer/, Drigo/Petipa) – all variations;
16. Napoli – all variations;
17. Laurencia(Krein/Chabukianin) – all variations;
18. Harlequinade – all variations;
19. Sylvia(L. Merante/Delibs) –all variations;
20. The fairy Doll(Drigo/Legat) – all variations;
21. Satanella(Pugni/Petipas) – Satanella variation from pas de deux;
22. Swan Lake( Tchaikovsky/Petipa, Ivanov) – variations from pas de trois;

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