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Apie mus – LBGP Lithuania Ballet Grand Prix

ŠOKIO COMPETITION 2020 June 13-14 d.


LBGP (Lithuania Ballet Grand Prix) is one of the largest international competitions organized in Lithuania and the Baltic region,
dedicated to young
ballet and contemporary dance dancers from 6 to 17 years.

The purpose of this contest:

• To disclose and discover talented and potential dancers from all over the world, to give them the opportunity to be assessed by a competent international jury.

• To provide opportunity and motivation for every young dancer learning art of dance to achieve the personal result of the highest skills, to gain the stage experience.

• To unify the world of dance. This is the place where pupils and teachers meet; take part in formal and informal exchange of experience.

Dancer‘s preparation for the contest, performance and competitions gives the opportunity to take a great step towards excellence. In this way, the pupil's artistic, physical and psychological skills are revealed. Conducting a mandatory variation provides equal opportunities and conditions for competing and creates greater objectivity conditions for the jury. Compulsory variations have been developed by one of the best Lithuanian ballet educators. Thanks to them, dancers will be able to demonstrate their academic knowledge of ballet, skills and artistry. Young dancers shall widen their dance world with new acquaintances Master class lessons with elite Lithuanian ballet and contemporary dance teachers will take place during the competition. We will deliver our weekly ballet summer camp organized by our partners, where everyone who has participated in the competition and not only, will be able not only to improve their dance skills, but also have a good time with the dancers' team from all over Lithuania.

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